DLHS Class of 2024 Application Process

Welcome Detroit Lakes Students!

We are excited that you are furthering your education and looking to apply for a scholarship through Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars. You first step is to create your account with allows you to complete your student profile/application on-line and apply for local, and national scholarships, in one easy on-line application. Parents, you will only need to create a login if your student requests information from you (reporting financial information). At this time, there are minimal scholarships that are needs-based. 

The Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars scholarships will open on February 16, 2024, and close on March 15, 2024

Basic steps to the Application Process:

1. Create a login. Note: When entering in your email address, DO NOT use the email address you have through DLHS.  That address will be deleted upon graduation, and we need a way to reach you in the future.

2. Create your profile by providing information in each of the groups listed below:

  • ​Basic and Additional Information
  • ​School Information
  • Academic Information
  • Supporting MaterialEssays don't need to be long. Content is more important than length. Please know that all essay replies are completely confidential.  Your answers will be treated with the utmost care and will not be shared anywhere.
  • Goals and Aspirations Essay: Write an essay detailing your plans as they relate to your educational and career objectives and future goals.  We are looking for an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.  DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME.
  • Unusual Circumstances Essay:  This essay is not required, however if it pertains to you, please write an essay following the same expectations as the Goals and Aspirations essay that describes how and when any unusual family or personal circumstances have affected your achievement in school, work experience, or your participation in school and community activities. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME.
  • Activities, Awards, Employment: (NOTE: If you are only applying for Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Scholarships, you do not need to include any information prior to 7th grade. Other State and National awards might need to include information prior to that time.)

3. Provide Additional Requirements:

  • Request Financial Information from your parent or guardian or use your own financial information if you are an emancipated student.  Financial information in not required for the majority of local scholarships from Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars but there are some scholarships where it is a requirement along with some National scholarships.
  • Transcripts need to be provided. Please contact Elizabeth McCann for all of your transcript needs.  She can be reached at 218-844-4133, or at emccann@detlakes.k12.mn.us
  • Personal Reference not required for any Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars (national scholarships may require).

Some helpful hints for your submission:

There is a Documents Tab which is not needed for any Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars applications.

You must complete the entire applicationtranscript request and submit to be considered for a scholarship by March 15, 2024.

Wishing you the best in developing your future! 

Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee